A supervisor walks through a Coal Mine elevator shaft in Saskatchewan. Dawn stands with her horse in her stable on a cold Alberta day. Chill bartender pours a drink on a warmer summer day Jelena Mrdjenovich, the reigning Women's World Champion in Boxing, stares down an opponent after a workout. GIrl sits and laughs off the snowshoeing trail in the Rocky Mountains. Edmonton Mayor Don Iveson on the cover of Legacy in Action magazine Kings University ad, by RED The Agency. A man in work clothes holds a chunk of dirt. Caption reads "Being curious about life makes a really great living." Edmonton Mayor Don Iveson inside Legacy in Action magazine The view from the top of a drag line of a coal mining operation in Alberta, Canada. A stylish bow hunter poses in the wilderness in Alberta, Canada. University of Alberta students spend their time on campus working away at the public tables. Edmonton Art Council public art work, Scroll, by Negar Seyfollahy and Alisdair MacRae. Jasper Place Library, Edmonton. Matt Heide of Concrete Cat studios blows dust from a concrete vase Chris Mikulin, founder of CLYW yoyo, performs a trick in Edmonton, Alberta. Patrycia Rzechowka poses for a photo at the Commonwealth Rec Centre in Edmonton, Alberta. Patrycia is a spokeswoman for MS awareness. Carol Belanger, head architect at the city of Edmonton, stands in front of an art installation taken at the Millwoods Town Centre Library for Avenue Magazine A Stantec worker supervises the laying of a railroad in Northern Alberta. A coal mine worker stands in a giant excavator bucket on site in an open faced mine in Saskatchewan. City of Edmonton campaign promoting fitness. Find your fit. Bike EXIF Awards featuring Federal Moto Norton A portrait of Leverne, Land Steward of Wizard lake in Alberta. Dr. Lynne-Marie Postovit stands in her world renowned cancer research lab at the University of Alberta. Triathlete Chantell Widney Boss and employee consult an iPad in front of a large vessel for a gas plant in a machine shop. A heavy hauler drives off in an Alberta Coal Mine. WIKA employee Abdulla Barahim posing in front of crates full of ready-to-ship product. Details and logo of vintage Volkswagen cargo van Bruce Stanley reflects on his late father's passing, who was killed while driving a school bus. Robert Stanley was struck by a boulder that was pushed off of an overpass. Portrait of Nap Pepin, inventor of electric car The Lithium Hawk, holding a wine bottle, and decanter, photographed in his wine cellar. Patrycia Rzechowka poses for a photo at the Commonwealth Rec Centre in Edmonton, Alberta. Patrycia is a spokeswoman for MS awareness. Canadian actor and director Paul Gross, star of Due South and Passchendaele, photographed for Avenue Magazine Squamish mountains. A coal miner works underground in an Alberta mining operation. A pilot walks from his plane after a taxiing into his terminal at the Edmonton International Airport (YEG). A man in work clothes and PPE stands in front of a drag line electric shovel in the oil sands, Fort McMurray, Alberta A tourist explores the rocks in Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia. Northlands Park Horse Racing advertisement, showing a woman in vintage dress, cheering with a crowd of modern racing fans. Caption reads "Racing never goes out of style." Hudson's Canadian bar advertisement. An oil worker is silhouetted against the sky on top of a drilling rig in Alberta, Canada. Sea to sky gondola in Squamish, BC, Canada. Designer Sarah Jackson takes in the city outside of her Edmonton apartment. Promotional poster for Wika Instruments, by Versett. A man in safety glasses stands in front of a stack wooden crates. Bowen Island "Open" Sign. Corb Lund, Hair in my eyes like a highland steer album cover. Album of the Year by the Canadian Country Music Association in 2006. A woman crosses a suspension bridge in Squamish, BC. Carol Belanger, city of edmonton head architect, stands in the middle of an art installation created by: Realities: United. This piece is called, "Phantasien", and can be found at the Millwoods Town Centre's library. Carol Belanger stands in the middle of an art installation created by: Realities: United. This piece is called, "Phantasien", and can be found at the Millwoods Town Centre's library. Comics artist and writer Nat Jones poses for an article about his Zombie comic series, "'68" A woman crosses a suspension bridge in Squamish, BC. A bow hunter poses with his bow in front of a cabin. Federal Moto's first bike build, the Ace. Andrew Ference, captain of the Edmonton Oilers, lays on the grass. A pipe builder puts the finishing touches on a modular piece of a pipeline. Brookfield Homes Summer Poster Ad showing adults having a baking party. Caption reads Home Cooking. In studio portrait of Kara Loop. Wild hair! Researcher examining transparency. Dr. John Akabutu stands in front of a container of dry ice in his Research Lab in Edmonton, Alberta. Carol Belanger, city of edmonton head architect, stands in the middle of an art installation created by: Realities: United. This piece is called, "Phantasien", and can be found at the Millwoods Town Centre's library. An alumni from the King's University College in Edmonton works at dirt surveying on a job site. Former Alberta premier Dave Hancock poses for a photo. Operating engineer controls a cement truck during the building of the Muskrat Falls dam in Newfoundland, Canada Bar Bricco charcuterie board by chef Daniel Costa Guy stands tall infront of a churches golden organs An Air Canada flight departs from the Edmonton International Airport (YEG). Triathlete Gwen Jorgensen sprints on the cover of 220 Triathlon Magazine. A clinical scientist poses for a portrait in her motion tracking lab. Hugh McColl, owner of Southpark Motors on Whyte Avenue in Edmonton, philanthropist, cancer survivor and boxer, poses with his wife Madge Workers take a pause from repairing an enormous coal mining dragline shovel to pose for a picture. Dancer Brian Webb looks out from curtains at the John L. Harr Theatre at MacEwan University in Edmonton University of Alberta department of Oncology. Linda Pilarski. Giant tires sit in storage on site in an Albertan Coal mining operation. A portrait of a Project Manager on top of a high rise that he was overseeing. Portrait of graphic novelist and illustrator Nat Jones. ICAA Accountant and cyclist, Harry Buddle, on a rooftop in downtown Edmonton MADD Canada Alberta poster, featuring Canadian Aboriginal actor Jimmy Herman. A man sheds a tear, the tear is a crashing car. David Rauch poses on top of a piano in Edmonton. Edmonton Oilers fan poses in studio. Northlands Park Horse Racing advertisement, showing a man in vintage dress, on a date with a modern woman. Caption reads "Racing never goes out of style." A welder poses for a portrait in his workshop in Edmonton, Alberta. A Stantec engineer inspects an outfall station in the Lendrum community of Edmonton, Alberta. A massive hauler truck transports coal and dirt from an open faced coal mine. Pastry Chef Arthur Chen poses with a chocolate dessert in front of a cupcake background. WIKA employee taking a break from operating the forklift in their Calgary office. A german waitiress holds up four pints of beer in a pub. A hunter walks towards the tree line with his dog in tow. A recently built transmission line awaits further construction in Goose Bay, Labrador. Neville Wright Canadian Olympic Bobsledding Athlete stands in studio. A photo from inside Talus Dome, public art installation by Ball-Nogues Studio, next to North Saskatchewan River and Whitemud Drive in Edmonton. Photo shows a dense elaborate array of stainless steel balls A open face coal mine operation in Alberta, Canada. A scientist poses with a sample of tailings pond mud in his lab. An aerial view of railroad tracks in Alberta, Canada. Portrait in front of the Remand centre. Edmonton Street Performer dressed as John A. Macdonald. Landscape shot of a live coal mine site in Alberta. A man reads a book in a cluttered book store. Edmonton Public Art (Garbage Truck Vinyl Wraps). Portrait of a city of Edmonton employee in front of a fire truck undergoing maintenance. Crow on a fence post looks menacing at Elk Island National Park. Edmonton Oilers hockey great Wayne Gretzky and long-time towel boy Joey Moss together in Edmonton in 2015 A welder finishes up work on a petroleum tube module. Quill & Quire Magazine Cover featuring Aboriginal writer Richard Van Camp, author of The Lesser Blessed Mayor of Edmonton Alberta Don Iveson campaign website image, from 2014 Edmonton civic mayoral election. Don carries his laughing daughter. City of Edmonton campaign promoting fitness. Find your fit. A black and white portrait of a crazy dude. Jelena Mrdjenovich, Woman's Welter weight boxing champion, trains for a fight. Landon Schedler, founder and carpenter at Oliver Apt. from Edmonton poses with a table he designed. A tanker moves across the bay in Vancouver. A platter of tapas prepared at Halo restaurant within Edmonton's Renaissance Hotel. Workers perform a railway inspection on a newly built line. Chinese new year fireworks over the pyramids of Muttart Conservatory in Edmonton MuchMusic VJ and host of Mulligan Stew on CKUA Radio, DJ Terry David Mulligan poses in front of a stack of very old vinyl records in the CKUA record library. Edmonton creative consulatant and dancer Sarah Jackson relaxes at home Harriet Tinka poses in front of a blue wall for Edmonton Woman Magazine. Edmonton's Mayor, Don Iveson, enjoys brunch with his Family at the Sugarbowl. Interior of Halo Restaurant in Edmonton's Renaissance Hotel. A coal mining employee stands inside the guts of a massive dragline excavator. A portrait of one of the team members of the Experimental Oncology team at the University of Alberta. Edmonton country folk singer-songwriter John Gorham. Album is John Henry, Charmin' Billy Mitch Clarke, fighter in the MMA, is shown training in this photo taken for River Valley Health in Edmonton. An Alberta Coal mine back hoe operator poses for a photo. Aerial photograph of an industrial plant in Alberta, Canada. Woodworker stands with her found-wood bench, featuring bow-tie key joints Interior of Halo Restaurant in Edmonton's Renaissance Hotel. A kelvin water dropper drops a purple substance into a beaker as vapour fills the room. Edmonton International Airports new control Tower. Woman looking out over the Squamish sea to sky area. Man lifts weights at World Health Club gym in Calgary. A coal mine employee crushes a piece of coal between his fingers in an coal mine. A backhoe fills a heavy hauler with dirt in Fort McMurray, Alberta. Edmonton Oilers captain Andrew Ference in portrait A coal mine worker sits in the cockpit of a giant truck, with the Albertan landscape reflecting in the window. Snowshoeing in the rocky mountains of Alberta. Elevated work safety campaign poster for WCB, the Workers Compensation Board. Man on a scissor lift knocks a bucket onto a woman below. Caption reads "Everyone needs personal space." A surfer takes a break on the beach in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. A palaeontologist works on a fossil at the University of Alberta's Dino-lab. A mechanic does repairs on the inside of a giant heavy hauler. Aaron Draplin, found of Aaron Draplin Design Co. and Field Notes emotes for a series of portraits. An upwards view of Edmonton's City Hall. Sexual Assault Voices of Edmonton (SAVEdmonton) poster. A man puts his arm around an unwilling woman in a car. Caption reads It's not sex if she doesn't want it. Don't be that guy. A Project Manager poses for a photo on a service road near Goose Bay, Labrador. Korean pork bone soup made at Lee House in Edmonton. Thea Bowering, author of Love at Last Sight, published by Newest Press Peter Brown, producer of The Irrelevant Show, and host of the CBC Radio One Edmonton afternoon show Radio Active

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